How to Clean Your Beer Lines

Have you ever went to a bar and ordered a beer that you know you love, just to be disappointed with the end product in your glass? There are many different things that can cause a beer to taste different from place to place, but chief among them is dirty beer lines. Dirty beer lines can cause infections in your beer and result in various off flavors; diacetyl is a common infection caused by dirty lines and imparts a buttery or butterscotch flavor.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening to your kegged beers? Having a consistent cleaning schedule for your kegs and beer lines is an important part of having your beers taste as good as possible. The easier it is to clean your lines the more often you will do it, and your beers will taste better as a result.

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Intertap Flow Control Faucet Review

A relative newcomer to the beer scene, Intertap has released a set of premium beer taps to rival other forward sealing faucets. The Intertap Flow Control Faucet is a forward sealing faucet, with a flow control knob and removable spout. That is a lot of features for one tap, and luckily the faucet delivers in a big way.The Intertap Flow Control Faucet

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PicoBrew Review: Pico Pro

The Pico Pro  is an all-in-one beer brewing system from PicoBrew. With its small batch sizes and short brew times, the Pico Pro is aimed at both the beginner homebrewer and the veteran looking to automate some of their process. This is the Power Homebrew review of the Pico Pro by PicoBrew.

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The Best Books for Homebrewers

So you finally did it, you bought a homebrewing kit! Maybe you studied various kits online, or you went to your local homebrew shop and picked out your favorite one with help from the owner. Or maybe you didn’t buy it at all, perhaps it was a birthday or a Christmas gift (this is how I began my homebrewing journey). No matter how you got it, your brew day comes and you excitedly open the box and start reading the instructions.

You find yourself hopelessly lost.

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How to Maintain Mash Temperature with BIAB

In many ways, Brew in a Bag (BIAB) is the easiest, simplest setup for brewing all grain beer. Unlike the traditional three vessel setup, all you need is one pot to serve as your hot liquor tank, mash tun and boil kettle. There are a lot of reasons to utilize the BIAB method, including saving money, reducing the space needed for equipment, and eliminating the issue of stuck sparges. When I started brewing in a small apartment, BIAB was simply the only way I could brew all grain beer. As I have gained more space, the simplicity of BIAB has continued its hold on me and is still the main way that I brew. As much as I love it, using one vessel for the entirety of your brew day can come with its own set of downsides as well.

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