Intertap Flow Control Faucet Review

A relative newcomer to the beer scene, Intertap has released a set of premium beer taps to rival other forward sealing faucets. The Intertap Flow Control Faucet is a forward sealing faucet, with a flow control knob and removable spout. That is a lot of features for one tap, and luckily the faucet delivers in a big way.The Intertap Flow Control Faucet

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PicoBrew Review: Pico Pro

The Pico Pro  is an all-in-one beer brewing system from PicoBrew. With its small batch sizes and short brew times, the Pico Pro is aimed at both the beginner homebrewer and the veteran looking to automate some of their process. This is the Power Homebrew review of the Pico Pro by PicoBrew.

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